About Dr. Marden

Dr. Orison Swett Marden
“He Can Who Thinks He Can!”

The Father of the American Success Movement…
Dr. Orison Swett Marden

Dr. Marden is considered to be the true founder of the American success movement.

Today’s most notable self-help experts continue to recognize Marden for his outstanding work.

“The one who loses heart when he finds the way to his goal unexpectedly blocked; who waits for smooth conditions and favorable circumstances, will not go far in this world. Conditions will never be such that success in any field will be a walk-over. It is he who, at the very start, makes up his mind to win in spite of any adverse conditions – the man who, instead of surrendering to obstacles, rides over them or through them – it is he that succeeds in life!”

Orison Swett Marden was a man who was highly focused on the art of living a happy and fulfilled life. He encouraged others to take full responsibility for their own happiness, and often made the point that no one else outside of ones self can make a person happy.

Marden is quoted as saying, “If we are ever going to be happy, it will be because we create happiness out of our present environment, with all of its trials, burdens and disheartening conditions. He who does not learn to create his happiness as he goes along each day, regardless of the daily annoyances and disappointments – has missed out on the one great secret in life.”

The author maintains, in the same spirit of our greatest philosophers of all the ages, that happiness is a condition of the mind, not of ones environment, and is within the reach of every normal human being.

Marden was a profound believer in the ultimate triumph of Truth and Justice and in the higher destiny of the human race. He relentlessly stressed the greatness of men and women.

He rightly believed that because of man’s oneness with God, our possibilities are truly limitless.

Orison Swett Marden possessed an unbreakable faith in the Divine. He encouraged millions to partner with their Creator. “Working in partnership with God, there is nothing too great for you to dream or to dare.”

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