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Written By Dr. Orison Swett Marden

Inspirational Books – A Complete Marden Booklist

So many inspriational books! It’s hard to believe one man could produce all this in a single lifetime.

When Dr. Marden died, it was discovered that he had over 2 million words on paper that still had yet to be published. In addition, Dr. Marden was in the process of writing his life story.

Thankfully, his loyal personal assistant, Margaret Connelly completed his life story in The Life of Orison Swett Marden: A Man Who Benefited Men, published in 1925.

Below you shall discover the entire listing of Marden’s inspirational books, listed in chronological order.

Dr. Marden averaged more than two books per year over a twenty year period – a truly amazing achievement, particularly when you realize the quality of his presentation and the critical thinking that had to have taken place in order to produce each masterpiece.

“Thank you for your generosity and for helping the less fortunate to have an opportunity to read such a valuable book collection. May God always bless Dr. Marden.”

– Thomas Jans

Marden’s original books continue to be highly sought after by fans and collectors of his work. Although Dr. Marden’s fame has diminished from what it was over 100 years ago, and today he is relatively unknown to most readers – once discovered, readers seek to devour his many inspirational books.

At the bottom of the booklist, you will find links to where you can find many of his inspirational books – either an original hardbound copy; a softbound reprinted copy, or a book in ebook and/or audiobook format.

” It is great to visit this site. Is a place where you feel that someone is trying to help you with ideas, when you need them the most. My love for Marden’s books will never fade away! Thank you for this great opportunity to read the complete text of Pushing to the Front.”

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